He Acknowledged Me

This was originally posted on February 25, 2015 at 6:41 PM on Blogger.


“Last Friday night”, my sister and I went to a Cuban restaurant.  Upon taking my sister’s order, the waiter turns to me with no hesitation and says:

“And you?”

I was beyond ecstatic.

“He acknowledged me!” I stage-whispered to my sister after he left us.

The first time it happened—a waiter acknowledging me—was at a sushi restaurant a few years ago (also with my sister).  The guy seemed a little flustered on how to address me, but he did.  I think I might have teared up then.

I get that my eyes can be…  startling but were my vision problems not so obvious, most people would not know.

Usually, the waiters go “And what will she be having?” And even, sometimes, when I speak up they still talk to the other person.


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