If Children Are Required To Use Their Words, Then Shouldn’t You, Too?

This was originally posted on April 27, 2015 at 11:00 AM on Blogger.com

I’m not an animal, guys. Use your words. Although, some people do have full out conversations with their pets… and I guess I am an animal (we all are), a domesticated one, too. So does this negate my whole argument?…

Anyway, as I stepped onto the Q train today, I awkwardly fumbled for the pole. In the process of doing this, I probably nearly kayoed someone with my flailing hand. But I did eventually find it.

But, by that point, the person had gotten up. I thought I’d seen it (the person rising irritably) but I second-guess my vision a lot so I just continued holding the pole.

Then, for a second, I thought I heard a muttered “you can sit.” But I was not certain so I did what most people do when they are unsure: nothing.

In the next seconds my arm is shoved and I believe I heard “sit.”

Is that how you would treat the old lady crossing the street? Unless your goal is thievery (or worse) would you just grab at her and force her across the street? Or would you ask first?

I’ve never helped that old lady. I’ve probably bumped into them.So it’s a genuine question.

I don’t know how many times I was dragged to a seat or shouted at to sit. Countless people have told me that it would make them feel better were I seated, even after explaining that I only have one or two stops, or that I just don’t want to sit.

Why do I care what soothes your nerves? Maybe standing soothes mine.

The only thing wrong with me is my vision (and I am a bit strange but that’s something you only figure out after becoming friends with me:). I get that the vision thing may seem like this huge barrier (I’m a little awkward around other disabled people). But all of our basic composition is the same.

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