Just Another Day On The Bus (the events in this post occurred LastFriday Afternoon)

This was originally posted on March 9, 2015 at 9:29 AM on Blogger.com


“God bless you,”  a hoarse, slightly Caribbean-accented voice says from beside me.

Is he talking to me? I wonder.

“Um, thank you,: I reply tentatively.

“Yes, bless you and I will pray for you.”

“Thank you,” if confusion only tinted my tone before, it was now fully colored in with a bright orange Crayola.

“I’ll ask God to help you get your sight back.”

Where’d it go? is what I think. I never had twenty/twenty but neither am I fully blind. Sure, I lost a bit of vision (I didn’t take my drops for a few years), but again, what exactly are you giving back…? What I say aloud, however, is another mumbled thank you.

Then a group of my raucous peers (otherwise known as teenagers, clamber onto the bus.

“Yo I  think there’s a blind girl on tha bus,” a male voice.

Oh yeah? Where is she? I think to say belatedly.

“Look at her,” a female voice not to far from me.

“How does she do that?” Her friend asks.

How did I know they were talking about me? one might wonder.

“I think she textin'” says Girl One.

“And she not even lookin’!” was the brilliant reply of Girl Two.

Then, a few stops later, Hoarse Voice tells me to stay strong and that he would be praying…


People are so contradictory.  They  say that everything happens for a reason, right? God has his reasons for doing everything? So why do you persist in trying to change it? Why am I brave for smiling and laughing. How am I any braver than the woman standing before me whose “problems aren’t so clear-cut?

But that rant is for another post.

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