This was originally posted on August 6, 2015 7:54 PM on Blogger.


Warning: within the next few lines, some may consider my words sacrilegious or blasphemous. Note that it only applies to those who believe in both Jesus and the Holy Trinity.

Last weekend, I attended the 2015 Writer’ Digest Writers Conference.

There, I hoped that the Holy Ghost/Spirit of writing would take hold of me and I would be finished with my book by now and I would be blogging incessantly. How I would manage to divide my time between the two was of little consequence to me.

But I did none of that. If anything, the Spirit seems to be leaving me.

I’d even begun composing a post about this woman who told me she loved success stories. She was referring to me being in line to see an agent at the Conference’s Pitch Slam. And me having already received the business cards of each agent I spoke with.

In the Pitch Slam, you’re allotted an hour to speak with as many literary agents as you can, pitching your work to them and hoping they’re interested. And you have three minutes with each agent (though many people used up more than that.)

Why am I a success story. I have no life-threatening diseases (thank God…or whomever). I’m blind. And a writer. (A musician, too.)So what? Perspective, people. Perspective!

But even that post was left unfinished.

So I’m writing this post to cement my future goals in writing:

For this blog:

To post more consistently. (Things happen nigh every day, I just can’t write it down as soon as it happens, and by the time I get the chance to, I’m not as excited. Or I’m just feeling lazy).

So I plan on updating at least three times a week.

This will also help me to begin building that author platform agents, editors, and publishers seem so fond of

And this post makes my third for the week 😏

For my personal writing:

Every day, at least a page (500 words).

They say once you put something on the Internet, it never goes away. And while it’s used in a different context, when pertaining to this post, I’m alright with it.

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