I Slapped Someone Today… By Accident

This was originally posted on November 18, 2016, at 11:59 PM on blogger.


As texted to my sister and a few friends:

• Um… I may have just backhanded someone by accident.

•As I was walking, I put my hand up, the one with my phone in it, to rub my nose. On my next step, the back of my hand connected with the side of someone’s face.I was in the process of lowering it… it didn’t make a cool resounding sound, I assume because there was no real force behind it, but it startled both of us. I’m not sure why she was so close considering I was in the middle of the sidewalk but… yeah…

•• But then, I think she was just .. standing there!!

I was very startled by the encounter. And when my sister sent me back a laughing emoji I was like it’s not funny! But a few seconds later I started smiling. It was just kind of surreal.

And something I forgot to tell them in the messages was that after having slapped this woman, she asked if I was okay. … WHAT?


Look out for the post I have scheduled for tomorrow at 8. In the meantime, check out one of my latest  Vlog videos. My sister and I went to DC, and people were actually speaking to me like  I was a person. (Watch the video to better understand).

See you around… or rather, you’ll see me 🙂

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