This was originally posted on January 2, 2016 at 12:02 AM on Blogger under the title: I Can’t Think of A Clever Title… But This Post Is A Symbol of My Return to you all.


So, I’m on my way to visit my high school and I decide to take a route that I am only familiar with in theory: 6 train to Canal and then get the Q.

So I get off of the six train, and am looking for someone to ask in which direction the downtown Q is.

I find a dude, who directs me to the stairs and then tells me in which direction to go afterward.


Then, as I’m walking down the stairs, I check with some lady to make sure he steered me in the right direction. And the lady assures me that I’m going  the right way.

So I’m thinking “yay, this is going really well. Absolutely swimmingly.” Then I chuckle at myself mentally because I’m such a loser (In the best way possible).😃

So now I’m on the platform and I arbitrarily decide to go left.
“Keep to the left.” Someone cautions a few seconds later, probably thinking that I’m too close to the warning strip. (People and I generally have differing opinions on how close is too close.)

I disregard them and continue walking the way I’m walking until I reach the end of the platform. Then I stop, and turn right to face the track. I’m either al the way in the front or all the way in the back. I probably should have gone to the right so that I could be in the middle. But that’s too much work to walk back in the other direction.

What train  you waiting for?” A tiny Haitian woman asks me (her accent is thick). I can see that she’s wearing a white coat.

“The Q,” I say, worriedly wondering if both people had Ben wrong.

“Oh,” she says, grabbing my fingers. Her hands are small and thick, where mine are bigger and slender. Her hand can only enclose, at most three fingers and just barely touches my palm. “Hold me, hold me.”

So I take her arm instead, and we start walking. As we walk, a Queensbound train arrives across the platform. So, mentally, I’m like, I’m pretty sure this is the right side.

Then we pass the staircase I took, and I think I’m getting an inkling of what’s going  on.

We stop not to long later and she turns us to face the train.
“Good. Here’s a good place to wait.”

This lady seriously move me to a different part of the platform… Where she thought it was a good place to wait. What if I needed to be that far in the front/back?

Then, once the train arrived she tugged on me until I followed her to a seat. I then put my earphones in, and started listening to music. I know the stops, but I also had my music at a volume but I could hear the train in case of any announcements. Two stops or so away from my stop, the lady shakes my shoulder and asks, and what I felt was a fairly aggressive tone:

“You listening to the stops?”

I’m fairly certain she didn’t mean it aggressively, but her tone… And
I was still stunned at her moving me to a different part of the platform

“Yes,” I tell her.

“You sure?” She asks. “Where you getting off?”

“Don’t worry, I got it.”

We go back and forth a little bit longer until she finally gives up and leaves me be.

Well, until next time (i.e. later today.)

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