You Can Only Step On The Sighteds

This was originally posted on August 6, 2015, at 6:52 PM on


The events in this post occurred two days ago…

So, I’m sitting on the train, book bag on my lap, and my BrailleNote—which is a braille computer—on top of that when a woman gets onto the train. What caused this woman to stand out from the other traingoers, were her repeated “excuse me”’s as she walked past me.

After about a minute or two she stops, and I see her standing near the pole (I assume she’s holding on).

“You can’t just push like that,” A woman with a light voice and Russian accent admonishes.

“Well, it seems like people don’t understand the word ‘excuse me’. So what else I’m supposed to do?” Ms. Excuse Me sounded…well, black.

“Well, I can’t move anywhere. I can’t step on her. She can’t see.”

I look up innocently, my eyes wide. I know that the laughter is written all over my face.


So, were I able to see, it would have been perfectly alright to step on me?

*a picture of my BrailleNote is included


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