Day 2, England: Observations from The House

I woke up yesterday, or today, since I think this will upload on the 9 (probably because of where my original WordPress location is), at about seven.  I didn’t actually get out of bed, for two hours but jet lag, coupled with sleep issues made for an interesting.

Breakfast was warm cereal (my friends tell me its an immigrant thing, but as the child of one, and with Zu being from Colombia, we definitely appreciated it), saltfish cakes, toast and tea.  I tell you about this to set the scene.  While we’re eating, we’re also listening to the Jeremy Kyle show.  For those of you who think of the Brits as genteel…  you’ve never watched this show he is the British Steve Wilcose.  Except, one difference I did note was the audience.  We Americans are as animated as the people on stage.  But the people here, though they reacted, didn’t do it with the same enthusiasm I’m accustomed too.  Regardless, it was still extremely entertaining.

It also rained all day, which is more in keeping with my English stereotypes (unlike sunfilled yesterday).  So Zu, my family and I hung around inside, watching TV, using our various devices, and debating.  And it was great.

The atmosphere: though its warm, there’ seems always to be a breeze or something to keep you from overheating.  As well as the programming, it was so weird seeing the US talked about from an outside perspective.

That comment leads me to something else I noticed: TV.  I don’t know if this is just this family, or an east vs.  west thing, but when we arrived, I noticed immediately that my aunt was watching TV.  And Zulay noted that in Colombia the TV is running 24/7.  Where in Montenegro, if we watched TV.  it was Netflix.  But, that’s also the case for many places in the US: TV’s becoming obsolete in the face of Netflix, Prime (and whatever other) subscriptions right from your device.

The home time also gave me a chance to notice, or really consider food differences.  Here, though the portions are not small, my aunt always ensures there’s some kind of fruit or vegetable with the meal.  I’m not sure if it’s just her being a former nurse and health-conscious, or specifically a non-American thing.  I think we almost always had fruit and/or veggies in Montenegro, and Zu said that that was normal practice in Colombia.

I also began considering moving here.  Wait, hold the judgment and hear me out:

No, I have not yet explored the city (which we should be doing later/tomorrow if the weather allows), but I was already drawn in.  The lack of AC’s (because of that coolness I mentioned, though even if its burning, I think your just SOL unless you can get a breeze), the food thing (which yes, I’m already working on at home with my own meals), and while the TV stuff wasn’t too big a deal, since I don’t really watch TV, I still enjoyed the “programs” and “adverts”.

I’m not spontaneous enough to just pick up and move somewhere, especially to a new country (which I can’t do anyway without a visa), but I’d always been torn between Madrid and London for my study abroad, and after one day I’m already considering here.  If we get in a day trip to España, that should help me narrow things down some, as well as actually traveling into London today.  But for right now, I’m enamored with this place.  I’ve been doing Visa research, as well as double-checking my school’s study abroad requirements.  So don’t be surprised if (when) you hear I’m moving in two years.

Along with Zu’s standard, three or four mininaps (okay, I’m exaggerating…  two/three), she and I both slept for about two hours (an hour and a half longer than expected).  Now, its 1:30 (8:30 back home), and we’re both pretty wide awake.  (Well, I’m confident Zu can get back to sleep in a flash.) But I’m not so sure about myself.

I was so certain I’d circumvented the jet lag monster…  when I started nodding off.  But we have to be up in about 7 hours for my first foray into London proper (I’m beyond excited), so I’m about to attempt the shower again, and let you all go.

I just wanted to give a calmer update (since there were no English oddities to marvel over today).  But in the meantime, you should check out this video I made some years ago about blind people traveling (in case you were wondering about the process).


Addendum: Milica said that her family’s a bit of an oddity (she probably didn’t say oddity), but that in general, TV is pretty big in Montenegrin households).

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