day 14, Switzerland:Last Day and Final Observations

My final (full) day in Switzerland dawned bright and hot.  We didn’t do Milan as planned, but it was nonetheless a fun time.  We returned to the city center, searched for souvenirs, had lunch in a floating house and, through it all, I managed not to rub at the five, yes you read that right, FIVE mosquito bites on my face (I have about eleven or so along my arms and legs right now, and yesterday, in the pool, since they couldn’t get to the rest of me, those little buggers came for my face).

Before I go to bed (we’re leaving for the airport at five, which means waking up around four which is less than three hours away) I want to share with you some wisdom that I’ve learned over these past two weeks:

•The switches (no matter which country your in) are the opposite of the US’s: down is on and up off. (I think I got that right… Whatever it is back home, it’s the opposite here, too tired for thinking in opposite!)

•Jeremy Kyle negates the stereotypes about the Brits being stodgy and conservative.

•The tripple cheek kiss of the Swiss might make your head spin initially.  (I dunno, but something about that extra kiss was really…  intense)

•The turns feel different in British cars (they drive on the right side).

•Swiss chocolate is divine.

•Bidets are kinda cool.

•American culture is everywhere here: from English pop in Italian restaurants, to American programs in the UK (or remade into whatever language).

•Alcohol …

• They smoke regularly, and openly in Switzerland. (Bonus: doesn’t matter what language you speak, you definitely know the word “marijuana”)

I think I had more earlier, and I definitely should’ve written them down.  But I’m sleeping, finished packing and ready for the jet lag when I get back. So there’ll be no more from me. Though, if I’m not sleeping all day (layover time included), perhaps I’ll right a post on the differences in the way Americans vs.  Europeans handle the disabled (or the things I noticed, anyway).

Well, till next time

Ci vediamo dopo

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